Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tim's First 5K

We did a 5K this weekend! It was Tim's first one EVER (hence the title). Here's the BEFORE:
If you've never done a 5K before (3.1 miles), a Color Run is a great way to start because it's not timed and the ENTIRE thing is about distraction. It's impossible to think about the fact that you're exercising - a Zumba warm-up, people throwing colored corn starch all over you, a karaoke break if you want it, Magic Bubble-blowing Man, a super excited DJ narrating the whole thing, and a fun after-party with more music and more color!
The AFTER proves how much fun we had!
 After the party, was the after-party: Sarah's Dad made the runners brunch.
Sarah's mom and sister wore out the girls who went home and took great naps! Felicity yawned in her sleep right before this picture. Wiped out.
And Tim agreed to sign up for another 5K in two weeks!!! Miracles are for real.

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