Thursday, August 28, 2014

Catch and Release

Tim's been working on a garage door project that left a bit of a gap around the edge of the garage door for a few days. And suddenly there's scat. And we don't mean we can hear singing from the garage in the middle of the night. It's the Not Good scat. Today, as he's finishing up, Tim moved the shop vac off the bottom of a shelving unit. And ta-da...a baby bunny. It peed on the shelf and scampered off to the back of the garage.

Sarah was beckoned and the girls were ordered NOT to open the door connecting the house and the garage because we do not, under any circumstances, EVER, want to be cleaning up this kind of mess inside. They immediately got to work drawing a plan to catch the bunny/cat/mouse/mammal their parents were frantically seeking outside. Miriam was thinking we'd sick a large, happy ant on the bunnies to chase them away. Or something.
We managed to corral the terrified little guy and catch it in a box.
Tim taped it shut with duct tape, like any real man would. 
And we headed off for a field trip to the swamp at the edge of our neighborhood.
Vivian has her "plan for catching" in hand. Just in case it gets out of the duct taped box and we have to re-catch it. Or something.
We let them peek in on him for a minute before Daddy let him slide out of the box and hop off. As he disappeared, Miriam said, "The bunny has a beautiful habitat." 

Yes, he does. And it's not our garage.

P.S. We spent the evening pulling everything out of our garage and cleaning up piles of bunny poo and rinsing away bunny potty with vinegar. Just so you don't think we're gross and never want to come over again.

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