Thursday, December 11, 2014


The house is now officially "enclosed"...we think. There are garage doors, windows, a temporary front door...we just cannot believe the progress on the house every time we're there! Sometimes there are fifteen people just working away on framing and plumbing and drywall and electric and concrete and HVAC. Our builder deserves an award for the pace he's keeping. And every single person we've interacted with has been incredibly friendly, helpful, patient with our gaggle of girls, and accommodating to the constant decision making and changes.
The front today with a Miriam.
And the back today with a Tim.
Today we got to watch the concrete being poured for the porch and we left our mark!
While all this progress is being made on the new house, our current home is feeling a little like a homemaking disaster area. With all the spare minutes spent trying to keep up with the new house, Mommy is falling further behind on whatever she "should" be doing at home. Likewise, Tim is spending many late nights trying to keep up with his work at the office when so many daylight hours are spent at the new house. We shall see if any ornaments make it onto the tree this year. Santa comes Christmas Eve, so as long as it's decorated by then we'll call it a Christmas Win.

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