Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One Stone

Time for a Thanksgiving/Home Building/Last Couple Weeks of Life Update. Hence the title...we'll kill a whole bunch of birds with this stone.

But first a hilarious photo gem of Good Parenting/Future Blackmail.
The face, the belly, the chocolate everywhere...

Alrighty, back to the promised Update. We took the girls to Science Central. Another bribe fulfilled.
The most special moment was when Mommy hopped onto the above twirly-mcbob...and her extreme motion sickness took over. She started yelling, "MAKE IT STOP." Tim was so proud and the girls thought Mom had LOST IT. This is the most fun spinner ever, they said to themselves. Why would anyone want it to stop?
Also we attended Light Night in Fort Wayne. It was AWESOME. Twinkling lights everywhere, real reindeer, the Gingerbread Festival, fireworks, and OF COURSE, SANTA!! While Miriam and Vivian are 4000% in love with Santa, Felicity is closer to -12%. Would NOT touch Mrs. Claus for the photo. Would not sit on Santa's lap or even stand near him. We didn't force the issue, there were no tears, and we're hoping for more enthusiasm from her next year.

Thanksgiving with our families was perfect with the extra bonus of more fun Felicity pictures and Lydia spending the night!!
 Amidst all this, UNCLE MICHAEL WAS HOME!
AND the house is going up, up, up! We stopped by today, but didn't get a shot of the front, so that's coming soon. But here's a few peeks inside:
Window over the kitchen sink
John Michael hanging out on the front porch outside the playroom
Front Door-to-be
The view out the lovely, large living room windows
Fireplace, TV and built-ins in just a few months!
Sarah's family in the kitchen
"Come into my office and I'll take care of the virus for you."
Felicity checking out Mommy and Daddy's bedroom.
Framing is almost finished and there is hope of a roof by the end of the week!

All this extreme fun had to come to an end. Mommy and the girls took a road trip on Monday to drop Uncle Michael off at the Detroit airport. Where a tiny bit of waiting almost killed them.
After saying a sad goodbye and see you soon, we got brunch at Denny's. Vivian suggests avoiding the chocolate appears to be sour.
Then a stop at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum - Felicity spent some time in toddler heaven. The museum has a closed off room just from ages 4 and under. This kept Sarah from losing her mind trying to keep track of three kids on three levels of exploration. Miriam got to wear a "Big Sibling Helper" badge in this room and was BEYOND proud.
We have a membership to Science Central, our local kids' science museum. Which is great, but it also means we can get into LOTS of other museums around the country for free. We take advantage of that whenever we can. So if there is a moral of this story it's go ahead and let your children run wild in an unknown city. They'll sleep all the way home.

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