Saturday, December 20, 2014

Throwbacks Saturday (That's a thing. Right?)

Oldest to newest...

June 2012. Blueberry picking. Just because it is still such a happy memory.
10 days ago. When the girls were told to sit still, eat breakfast, and stay out of the way of the construction people at the new house. Because sharing a meal together is part of making a house a home.
Several days ago. Attempted to celebrate St. Lucia Day like the Swedes as part of our theme of the week. Because some themes are not as successful as others. They probably are not any more cultured than they were half an hour before this picture was taken. 
Two days ago. The girls just trying to stay warm at the new house while Mom and Dad are (again) making house decisions. Because safety first is our motto.
Today. (Soooo probably not considered a legitimate throwback, but couldn't resist.) Aunt Bridget and soon-to-be Uncle Ryan got all adorable in Sarah's parents' old MATCHING Christmas sweaters. Because the 70's were a thing of beauty and these two are seriously pulling this look off!
Five days until Christmas! Is your heart ready for Jesus to come?

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