Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Felicity Eats

Felicity has a bit of a picky/sweet tooth. Bring on the pasta and maybe some meat, but please no fruits or veggies, my good sir. And while you're at it, pass the chocolate.
Double-fisting the popsicles and pretzels
So we had a show down. Felicity ate her serving of mac and cheese with hot dogs and completely ignored her strawberries. Again. Mommy, AKA the Wicked Witch of the West, said, "No," to her wails for more mac and cheese. And Felicity lost her marbles. Throwdown tantrum to end all 15 month-old tantrums. Body flailing on the floor, screaming like she was being burned, tears until she could not breathe. It was an ugly five minutes. And now, after two weeks of explaining in the most basic terms that she needs to eat her fruits and veggies and showing her that if she doesn't she won't be getting any seconds or dessert, we've got a toddler who EATS fruits and sometimes veggies! We're calling it a success.
Grandma got her to eat salad last week!
So some picker eater tricks that work on Felicity:
1) She's so much more likely to eat the healthy stuff if Mommy feeds it to her while it's being prepared. Slip her chunks of cantaloupe or bites of strawberry as we're preparing them at the counter or sink before supper and she gobbles them down.
2) She's the master of her own universe and wants the WHOLE banana or the ENTIRE pear or the corn ON the cob, not just little cut up bites. If she can handle holding the whole thing, we'll give it to her that way because the allure of being the boss of the food makes her happy to eat it.
3) Cook the veggies into her food. Roasted red pepper sauce instead of jarred Alfredo. Veggies on the pizza or in the meatballs. Getting Felicity her fruits and veggies is making our whole family healthier!
In this battle of wills, Mommy will overcome and Felicity will learn to love the greens. And the rest of the rainbow, too.

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