Thursday, May 21, 2015


Last night we made peanut butter blondies for a treat. They were super easy to make and yummy - meets all the criteria for a good dessert in this house. Vivian took her first bite and announced, "These don't taste like blonde people!"
Well, no, we would hope not.
Felicity is in the beginnings of potty training. We ran out of her size diapers and Mommy put her in some underpants to see what would happen. She's had a couple of accidents, but for the most part stays dry during her waking hours. And she loves feeling like a big girl!
Miriam has her Kindergarten screening in the morning. She's excited to see her future teacher again and Mommy's excited to hear how it goes. Hopefully Mommy did something right during our activities and reading lessons and number workbooks.

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