Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In No Particular Order

Instead of putting in some real effort and giving you a recap of our Memorial Day weekend road trip - which was pretty great! - we'll just bombard you with a pile of pictures of the girls being adorable/crazy/ours.
Over-exposed zoo shot. Someday Mommy will figure out the art of the camera phone.
Vivian helps Daddy organize the garage.
Mommy and Felicity share a moment in the new house.
Felicity and Daddy did Toddler Storytime!
Daddy's favorite trick...
...feed them ice cream in the bathtub. Makes for easy clean up.
Emery's 13th birthday.
Children have the best minds.
Daddy had a little guys trip last week and kept torturing Mommy with pictures...
A color for every mood.
Plans for this week: u-pick strawberries! Hope they don't eat too much more than we pay for...

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