Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Honey, I'm home.

Here's the catch up post for all the things we haven't gotten around to putting up here for the last month (or two). The primary activity has been MOVING. With the help of so many good friends and family, we have all our worldly possessions in the new home.
Tim even took the girls on a short ride in the moving truck - a highlight of their lives.
It's starting to really feel like home! We're hanging pictures,
 doing our preschool activities,
beginning to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels (still haven't mastered this skill yet, but we'll keep working on it),

enjoying the most perfect sunrises out our front door,
and we've had the house blessed! It was so much fun to host our first party in our new home and Fr. Ben made it official with LOTS of holy water.
The girls "graduated" from another year of storytime. Next year, Miriam will be in Kindergarten and won't be at our weekly storytime anymore. It's a new reality for us to consider having a school-aged child! But she's registered and it's happening soon!
Had to throw this picture in despite the poor quality because Felicity holding Mema's hand as we walked into Cracker Barrel a few weekends back was just too sweet.
Our zoo pass is renewed again and we'll be spending hours on end at the zoo again this summer. It really is a highlight for all of us and a treat that never gets old.
And looking ahead...our brother-in-law Tom is going to be ordained a priest in the Ukrainian Catholic Church in a couple of weeks and Aunt Bridget and Almost-Uncle Ryan are getting married in less than two months. So Mommy spent an ENTIRE day (a Mother's Day getaway) sewing with friends! The finished product was three twirly little girl dresses!
So you are completely caught up on the thrills and we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming of posting the minutiae of our lives in our new, perfect home!

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