Monday, June 29, 2015

June: In Which Felicity Plays the Role of "Only Child"

The last month has really been something. Really. It's been a month since we've done any kind of "theme week" activity - dated pictures don't lie. The girls made puffy paint cupcakes during C Week. Looking back at the pictures always brings their personalities into focus. 

Felicity - sweet as a bowl of sugar with a preference for cleanliness. She panicked when the shaving cream got on her was fun as long as it stayed neat.
Vivian - needed more paint, more puff balls, more paper! More is more is more and more fun! She was just fine with finger painting.
Miriam - created a plan for her cupcake, industriously executed it, and was willing to get messy for the sake of a perfect finished product.
Since then...

1. They were forced to endure a shopping trip at the outlet mall, but got a kiddie ride out of it.
2. Enjoyed a some Strawberries in the Park with Lydia.
3. Ate us out of house and home...they won't stop growing!
4. Miriam and Vivian participated in Vacation Bible School. Mommy was the VBS director this year...and despite the challenges that come with the job title, she could not be happier with how the week went. So many wonderful volunteers and delightful children. Needless to say, she's ready to go at it again next year! Felicity, however, wasn't old enough to attend VBS which was a bummer for her at first...until she got to visit the park with her Daddy, eat double servings of the VBS snacks, and have her Mom's lap all to herself for a few blissful moments each night.
5. Miriam and Vivian had zoo camp the week after VBS. Felicity was again too young. But she got to spend lots of time with her Mommy running errands and wandering the zoo. The first day was with our friends Jill and Olivia. Olivia is ten days older than Felicity and it was pretty fun watching them learn how to be friends. 
Mommy and Felicity don't get much one-on-one time so both really enjoyed our mornings together while the older two were occupied. It was fun letting Felicity do whatever she wanted to do - stare in the zoo chicken coop for a while without anyone rushing us to the next exhibit or passing by the monkeys because she's just not interested in seeing them today. Sharing and getting along with her sisters is obviously important but it was a pleasure to indulge her every little desire...we even got ice cream one day!
Being the third little girl in the family means Felicity is along for the ride most of the time. But it also means she's well loved and has four people generally at her beck and call. 
A pretty (and pretty tidy) little princess.

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