Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Late. Very Late. (Memorial Day)

Remember like a month...or six weeks...ago when we promised to share our Memorial Day Weekend adventure? We hate to break a promise.

We started our weekend on a sad note, attending the funeral of Tim's Uncle Dick. He was a funny, dedicated, kind man who will be truly missed. 

After the burial, we drove to Toronto to attend Uncle Tom's ordination to the priesthood. After loooong hours in the car and a battle with Toronto traffic, we made it to Annette and Tom's apartment for a yummy supper and a walk to the prettiest park in the whole city. Not that we've been to every park and the idea of even attempting to visit them all is horrifying considering the hours we'd be sitting in stopped traffic for no apparent reason (how obvious is it that we're not Big City kind of people?)...we'll just assume that this park is the prettiest!
See!?!?! Prettiest park! Told ya.

Next morning: hotel breakfast...waffles with too much sugar...
...and baked beans. Miriam was thrilled but her parents continue to be baffled by Canada.
Afterwards we took a family field trip to Niagara Falls. Truly astounding.
Back at the hotel that evening, more family had arrived so we took over the lobby to party.
Mommy was actually smart and brought the girls a sticker set she got on clearance. Hours of entertainment - stickers are the kryptonite of child whining! Going to run through the kid aisles every shopping trip to seek out this secret weapon for the future.
The next day was finally the grand event! Tom was ordained in a beautiful ceremony in the same church Annette and Tom were married in. AND he offered his first blessing as a priest to Annette and their unborn baby. Sweetest thing.
So more partying and then back in the car for a long drive home. The border was BUSY with other people heading home after the long holiday weekend and THEN we chose the wrong restaurant and waited an hour for our food. The girls were troopers and THANK GOODNESS Uncle Michael was with us because he can always be counted on to tolerate their ants-in-the-pants craziness (sometimes he even instigates it) and is happy to entertain them.
Whew. We're home now. Obviously. We wouldn't stay in Canada for six weeks!

(To all the lovely Canadians: we know you're country isn't that bad. We just love giving Uncle Tom a hard time.)

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