Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First of the First Days

Miriam had her first day of kindergarten today. And it went beautifully. No one broke down crying. No one refused to leave their parents. All was just as it should be.
But before all of that...we had some pre-school moments together doing our favorite family things to wrap up our last days before school starts and we all get shoved into a new routine and lifestyle called family-with-school-aged-children. Uncharted waters. New horizons. Earlier bedtimes!

Anyways...favorite family things...Saturday we took a walk through downtown Auburn, enjoyed our pretty town, laughed at our goofy children, had pizza for lunch. 
Sunday was normal...Mass, brunch with Tim's family, pool party with church friends, family naptime...best way to enjoy a summer day. Monday, Mommy took the girls to the zoo. It was practically empty and everyone was in a great mood. If you only look at this blog twice a year, it's evident Mommy and the girls LOVE the zoo and max out the value of our zoo membership. Needless to say, all parties were thrilled that we got in one more visit before s-c-h-o-o-l...
But we've made it through one day. All of us. The world didn't actually stop rotating because our family changed the very slightest bit (though Mommy did, in the most dramatic recesses of her mind, expect it to).  Vivian claims she didn't miss Miriam. Daddy didn't cry when he had to leave her at the door with the super kind principal and big-kid helpers. Felicity claims she is going to school "toomawwoah". Miriam loved pretty much every moment and recited the run-down of how her day went several times. And then asked, "How many hours until school starts again?"

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