Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When it rains, it pours

And when we're on a roll blogging, we just can't stop! on each girl for SCHOOL: DAY 2. DUHN DUHN DUHHHHHNNNNN.

Yesterday, Miriam's principal sent this email to Mommy.

Miriam is doing so well!

I've spent the first hour of the day in the Kdg classroom observing and I am excited to share what a joy that was!

The group is so attentive and Miriam was one of the first to help when the teacher asked for assistance with
crayon pick up!  She has been an amazing listener, kind, and was following directions well.

Her smile is so bright!

This is going to be a wonderful year!

Three things can be surmised from this email: the principal is very kind, Miriam is a great kid, and it's super obvious to the entire world that sending a child to school was on the top of Mommy's "DREADFUL THINGS I MUST DO" list.

Has asked about seventy times, "How many days until I start school?" and "Why doesn't sister have a rest time at school?" and "What do you think Miriam is doing right now?" Clearly she does NOT miss Miriam. If she does, she will deny it with her dying breath.

Also, she read Mommy this book today:

Topic is very appropriate for her right now and ALL Mo Willems books are beyond fantastic. Lots of it she had memorized, but some of it she actually had to read and did a pretty stinkin' good job! Not having Miriam around will be good for Vivian to get more undivided attention from her Mommy and show off her own skills.

Ya know, there's not enough change in our house right now...let's potty train. Perfect. So she had her first no-diaper outing this morning. No accidents in public = success.
Since we've returned home, she's had three accidents. Patience is the word of the day on this one.

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