Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pet Ownership

We have a praying mantis! It's our pet...perfect for us. Low maintenance. Outdoors. Doesn't shed (except it does). Awesome.

It's been living on the front porch for a few nights. We check for it in the evenings. Tonight, we found an exoskeleton and we were a little sad that it might have moved on...
Minutes later, Miriam let out a shriek from the playroom. Our pet was still hanging out! And definitely bigger.
He's a little shy, but we don't mind. Maybe we'll name him if he sticks around for another day.

Other news: We "found" an empty kitchen cupboard. Mom didn't actually realize it was up we have some room to grow!
Miriam had her first sick day. Basically, got some kind of infection which made her run a fever which meant she got on an antibiotic but had to be fever free for 24 hours to go to school. So a not-so-sick sick day. But the girls really seemed to appreciate the bonus time together.
Mommy liked getting to do activities with all three girls again!
And today Mommy went to the zoo with just two kids. Two happy, wild, fun girls. It was different, but still good.

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