Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School, Swimming, Snow...

Well, no actual snow. But we did go to Canada for a day, which is almost like seeing snow.
But before that there was this little miracle where three little girls sat peacefully on the couch reading library books.
And Miriam caught this wide-mouth bass in Grandpa's neighborhood pond. Record setting fisherwoman. 
We enjoyed one of the most fun parish picnics with good food, truly wonderful people, bounce houses, smores over a campfire, and more!
We've gotten into a new routine. Mommy, Felicity, and Vivian stand at the garage door and wave the Daddy and Miriam off as they leave for work and school...
...unless Miriam is riding the school bus - on Thursday mornings, Daddy goes to the adoration chapel and she gets to ride the school bus. It means waking up 45 minutes earlier, but she is always THRILLED for the adventure.
Mommy and the two youngest girls go about the day with activities and errands and naps until it's pick up time. After we get Miriam from school, sometimes we stop at the park to play for a bit.
Or we go to Mema's pool to burn off a little energy.
All three girls are getting to be great swimmers. Miriam doesn't need a life jacket anymore on the deep end. Vivian isn't afraid to jump in at all and can paddle around where ever with the aid of a life vest. Felicity will jump off the diving board now without holding anyone's hand. She still needs help getting to where she wants to go, but she'll get the hang of the doggie paddle any day now.
They're big girls getting braver and bolder and stronger everyday.

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