Monday, January 18, 2016

Back to Reality

Some people take down their Christmas tree full of unhappy that Christmas is over. 

But Mommy is always a little relieved to see it all go. It means our routine is coming back and the hectic days of December are past. They're joyful days, of course, but by January 2nd we've become sugar addicts and sleep deprived zombies. Our only regret with welcoming January is welcoming Miriam's return to school. We just love having her home with us!

We jumped right back into our weekly activities with "M Monsters" for M Week
M is for...marker on my face.
M is also for...glue dripping from my hair.
Miriam had a day of cancelled school and a couple two hour delays already so while she's home with us we sneak in some activity time with her.
And some outdoor snow time, too! Our new big back yard is so fun to explore and tumble in!
January, you really are more wonderful than people give you credit for.

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