Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Break Fun-tivities

Miriam had a great two week break from school for Christmas and New Years. We were very busy with holiday celebrations, but every free morning she was asking for activities. Felicity and Vivian regularly get to do preschool-at-home play with their Mommy and Miriam clearly misses those times. Often Miriam will check out the projects the younger girls worked when she gets home from school and ask to make one for herself.

A favorite over Christmas break was homemade play dough. And these Christmas themed play dough mats made it even more fun!
Miriam's Santa
Felicity's "cookie" creations

Vivian makes Santa some pajamas.
We really enjoyed having Miriam home during Christmas break and truly look forward to every day off she has to be home with us. Starting the count down until Spring Break...

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