Monday, January 25, 2016

Family Field Trips

We've had two special family outings in the past two weeks. First we went to see Lydia's middle school orchestra play in Fort Wayne. They are so good sometimes you forget they're so young.
Afterward we stepped "backstage" to see Lydia for a few moments before her group left. As always, the girls were THRILLED to be with her.
This weekend we attempted to go tobogganing at a nearby state park, but the line was soooo long and we actually need two more adults to be able to pull it off. Change of plans meant a stop at the nature center to check out the indoor creatures, touch a leather-back turtle, and pick up a trail map. 
In three layers of clothes, with collected walking sticks, and fortified by lots of sunshine, we took a hike. A short hike for short legs with a stop at a park and in the Inn for a snack.
Then back on the trail.
Mommy and Daddy both like to be outdoors and hope that if we take the girls along for the ride, they'll be happy campers, too.
And even when they're not... least we can enjoy the view.

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