Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lent (Late)

Not much really to say about Lent this year. Except it brought us another reason to love the little school Miriam attends. The kids held a food drive and far exceeded expectations! To the point the organizers had to make a second chart to graph the food they all brought in!
Mommy got to go to the school to help the kids bag up the donations and carry them over to the nearby food bank. First the kiddos got to decorate their bags with Easter messages. Which were the sweetest. 

We truly love that Miriam, and soon Vivian, get the messages we try to teach them about God, the sacraments, and loving others reinforced at school. It's worth the cost to our family in money and time and constant fundraising that they're surrounded by people who are dedicated to developing them into Christians who see the needs of others, who see Christ in the face of those needs, and give of themselves.

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