Tuesday, May 10, 2016


You know what that plus sign means on the pregnancy test?
Positivity. Bonus. Happiness. Baby #4! 

Due October 25th. Sarah's sister and brother (not twins) share October 25th as a birthday, so how fun would it be for baby to get to share that day with them?!?! We're 16 weeks now and Mommy may have been sleeping as much as possible for the past 10 weeks. Which explains the silence on the blog. (Don't worry, we promise the largest blog post ever catching you up on all our doings when Mommy wasn't sleeping during the past two months.) No time to type out the ups and downs of raising three little girls when you're asleep on the couch by 9 PM every night.

The girls are beyond elated to be welcoming a new baby. And they're FULL of questions...how old do you have to be to have a baby? how does the baby get out? when will it come out? Mommy offers the vaguest of answers and Felicity finally turned to Vivian during one long question session and said, "The baby just POPS out." Everyone seemed satisfied enough with that...for the moment. They talk to the baby/belly, dream about when the baby will come, and offer name suggestions.

Sunday was Mother's Day and gave Mommy a reason to pause and consider what a gift each of these girls and their personalities are to our family. 
They make us laugh every single day. And sometimes they make us wonder what we're doing wrong. And sometimes they make us run in circles. And sometimes we make them run in circles...literally, Mommy has started telling them to run around the outside of house three times when they're going stir crazy indoors. Possibly these are just universal truths about parenthood?
Baby #4 will add to the chaos, but it will be satisfying, wonderful work. Work that means we have no regrets. We've said since we were dating we wanted a big family. And while we had no idea what that meant holding hands on walks around a pond in 2007, we've got a better idea of it now and are more committed than ever to giving our children the gift of siblings and best friends.
So for Mother's Day, Sarah says thank you to Mom who sacrificed so much-which I can finally, finally see and understand-to give me six best friends. Thank you to Tim's Mom, the jackpot of mother-in-laws, who gave me such a generous husband and who treats me like her own. Thank you to Tim for giving me these four little people, for being my partner facing all the good and bad, and for making marriage the place I am most comfortable. And thank you to God for all these blessings. So many blessings, so little time.

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