Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring Break: Week 2

Miriam actually had two weeks off for Spring Break, so we had a week to relax with her after running all around St. Louis. 

Easter morning, Sarah woke up feeling terrible. Sick and crampy, she thought she was having a miscarriage. This was a sad and scary time. Tim took care of Sarah and called her parents to see if they could come over and help entertain the girls and keep Sarah calm. After a few hours the cramps stopped, but our family missed Easter Mass. The girls still wanted to wear their Easter dresses. Tim's parents and Mema came over for brunch. Tim really wanted Easter to be wonderful for the girls no matter what else was going on.
When things seemed more settled down in the afternoon, he hid Easter eggs for them...twice. Such a good Daddy.
The Easter Bunny brought the girls "Garden Bunnies" to paint.
This occupied them for a good chunk of time one Spring Break morning and turned out just like each little girl. Felicity's had LOTS of "llellllow" - her favorite color. Vivian's was a masterpiece of every color in every direction of swirl and pattern. And Miriam's was more organized spring scene.
Later in the week Miriam worked on her first 4-H project. She's in her first year of Mini 4H and is taking Foods and Flowers and Gardening. The other two girls are already asking when they get to do projects "like Miriam."
AND the swingset went up! Sarah's parents gave this to the girls two Christmases ago when we were still building the house. They helped Tim put up the swingset during Spring Break week. Now we finally have a yard and a swingset and it really feels like we're living here!
A place a family belongs.

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