Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween Baby

Our tiny arrival is here! And it's a boy!
Just minutes old!
He was born at 5:04 AM, 8 lb 2 oz, and 21 inches. Mommy and Daddy were shocked to see a BOY - both had just assumed it was another girl because we have a strong history of making girls.

He has a very, very strong set of lungs which he exhibited the minute he emerged...crying for a solid 30 minutes. Then he settled down enough to nurse and relax. Since that moment there is nothing he loves more than to cuddle with his Mom and Dad.
A few details: Mommy woke up at midnight thinking it was time for Simon to come, she woke up Daddy at 1:45 AM, who woke up Nana to come be with our girls, and we were at the hospital by 2:45 AM. The nurses called the doctor to let her know we'd arrived but couldn't reach her. So they called the sheriff, who sent out an officer to her house to wake her up. This gave the doctor a little heart attack, but then she realized her land line had stopped working! She made it in plenty of time to meet Simon...who was supposed to be Xavier if he was a boy. But when we met him and Daddy said his name is Xavier, right?!? Mommy said, "Um...let's thinking about it a little." So after some MORE name discussion, we went back to an old favorite. Simon would have been Felicity's name if she were a boy. And now we have a little Simon! 

Daddy and Nana made sure the girls didn't miss out on trick or treating while we rested in the hospital. Daddy bought candy at the hospital and set up trick or treating around our room.
Then Nana took the girls to the assisted living community where Mema (her mother) lives for more trick or treating. They came out just fine in the end with LOTS of candy in their buckets!
Simon is keeping an eye on them...
...they love him to bits and can't keep their hands off of him.
He has a mother, a father, and three little mothers who attend to his every whimper. He'll be beyond spoiled and loved.

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