Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vivian: Age 6

Vivian's 6th birthday was a couple weeks back. In the midst of Simon's arrival, Daddy and Nana very carefully ensured that Vivian's birthday wasn't missed. She wanted corn dogs and an ice cream cake. Nana made a special trip to the grocery to pick these treasures up. Nana said, "I've never bought corn dogs before..." And Mommy said, "Neither have I. I don't know why she wants this as her birthday meal." And Vivian said, "I had them at Aunt Maria's college and liked them." And Aunt Maria said, "I don't think we have corn dogs at our cafe..." 

So the corn dog request is still a mystery.
But the ice cream cake was logical...and yummy.

Daddy and Vivian went on their birthday date. Tim takes each girl on a date for their birthday. It's something they look forward to all year long. This year Vivian chose a Mexican restaurant...and ordered chicken fingers and fries.
Fun facts about Viv at age 6:
  • Loves school! Adores her teacher! Has only earned "green smiles" for her behavior so far this year!
  • Still totes her stuffed dog Woofster with her everywhere. She's tucked him under her arm on her way out the door to school without even thinking before Mommy reminds her that Woofster isn't allowed at school.
  • Is very into animals and babies. Lucky for her we have our very own baby living with us!
  • Carbs...pasta, pancakes, white rice, mashed potatoes. This is Viv's favorite food group. (Making the request for corn dogs even more mysterious.)
  • Girl has a six pack. Probably because she bounces and runs and twirls everywhere she goes. There's just no moderate paced walking in Vivian.
Happy 6th Birthday, to the one who's so "full of life!"

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