Wednesday, November 16, 2016

October B.S.

B.S. ... That's Before Simon.
Tim frantically did yard work the entire month knowing how the coming Baby would slow down our lives. He was certain this tree would fall; during every storm he had an ear out for the pending crash. But it's still standing...or leaning in our woods.
October entered with the last day of the county fair. Perfect weather, a small town parade, a few more rides, and a final fair donut to tide us over until next September.

Mommy got serious about making the unicorn Halloween costumes.
Miriam earned a special treat at school for her great classroom behavior. The teacher text Mommy this picture of Miriam enjoying her snack at Mrs. Marshall's desk. She got to choose where she wanted to sit for the day and picked the teacher's seat! Looks pretty pleased with her choice.
Vivian's also been doing very well at school. She's only come home with "green smiles" on the behavior chart which makes her Mom and Dad very proud! 

Mid-month the girls had a Thursday off of school so we went to Indy to visit Aunt Maria, the Children's Museum, and Tim's sister and her family. It was a packed day, but so much fun.
Mommy turned 33 this month. It's funny because most days she doesn't know how old she is...when people ask, she has to really think about the answer. But Miriam ALWAYS knows and answers for Mommy sometimes. To celebrate this birthday, Daddy took the girls to get donuts (still in their pjs). Mommy loves apple fritters and the cinnamon rolls with maple icing. He found an apple fritter with maple icing! Perfect!
Our family group from church got together for our annual hayride and bonfire the same weekend. Very fun, like always. But what really came to light at this event...Vivian's crazy picture face. Somewhere in Viv's brain "Say Cheese" translates into "Show me your goofiest smile!"
Sometimes it's just fun to look through our pictures and laugh at the faces Vivian makes. She's a cutie pie with a great little grin...but put a camera in front of her and it's wildness to the max.

And if birthday and hayride weren't enough for the weekend, we also had the school Pumpkin Festival! Old school carnival games (like a cake walk...we took home two cakes...definitely don't need those!), face painting, prizes, kids in costume, and treats!
Round out the month with some cuddle time with Nana...
At-home preschool theme weeks. Including an All About Me week that resulted in Felicity's self-portrait...
...and a field trip with Vivian's Kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch...
And we're up to celebrating Halloween. Which means Baby's due date has come and gone and Mommy's still very pregnant. 

Felicity's story time Halloween Party...still pregnant...
...A beautiful Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa's...still pregnant.
Miriam in high heels drinking out of a coconut...she's been looking at our honeymoon pictures again...
Sunday, October 30th, Mommy is crafting like crazy. Determined to complete an Advent Calendar for her goddaughter.
Daddy is furiously doing yard work and house projects. All these things must happen now because everyone can feel that "still pregnant" won't last much longer.
It doesn't. 5:04 AM, the last day of October. Finally meeting Baby.
Since that moment Simon has been welcomed by so many family and friends. We can't begin to thank everyone for all the meals and help and cards and happy thoughts and prayers! Adding a fourth child is certainly another level to our chaos. But we're easing in and figuring out a new system around here. And soon we won't remember what life was like B.S.

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