Saturday, January 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 2

We're getting a little snow here!! Which makes Tim, in particular, very joyful! He really enjoys taking his car out in the snow. But this morning, he got to take Miriam out in the snow. Vivian was pretty disappointed that she didn't get to go out, too. But the girl has TINY feet. Seriously tiny feet for her age. She's 14 months old and wearing a size 3 shoe. That's the size for most 3-6 month olds. They don't even make boots her size! Vivi Mouse will grow someday...then we'll strap her into Miriam's last-year boots and send her out to play with the big kids. Until that day, she can hang out with Mommy inside.

Can you see her in there? She was actually pretty content to watch Miriam and Daddy from the window. When Miriam ran over to rub some snow on the window for her, Vivian was thrilled. It's the simple things in life, no?

After Daddy and Miriam shoveled (Daddy with his Daddy-sized shovel and Miriam with her old blue garage dustpan), Miriam made a couple snow angels. Snow angels make us all especially joyful.

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