Sunday, January 29, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 4

Something that makes our girls very joyful: bath time. And truly, in a world where everyone doesn't have enough clean drinking water everyday, we are grateful and privileged to have warm water for a bath whenever we'd like!

Two clean heads.

Wrinkled baby feet with a turtle...maybe we've been in too long.

She's certainly not ready to get out. Santa and Aunt Nichole brought bubble bath for Christmas. That makes it even more fun! The girls don't like getting out of the tub because they are so cold! Always a lot squealing and squirming. We diaper them quickly and tuck them into blankets.

  Cuddling together to keep warm on Miriam's bed before lotion time.

What do you think Miriam is telling her sister? When we were pregnant with Vivian, Sarah was just certain it was a boy, but we didn't find out for sure what we were having. When Baby #2 turned out to be a girl, Tim said, "I am so happy for Miriam to have this sister so close in age." He was very right. While the girls' personalities are completely different and they don't always get along, they are two tiny peas in a pod and love love love each other!

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