Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craft Time...and recommendations...

We'll do the recommendations first. Sarah's family HIGHLY suggested that we read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Sarah read them all in about a week. They were that good. Tim said he was a book widower. Now he's into the second book. And Sarah is the widow. Thanks to Becca for another little entertainment tip that has taken over Sarah's life...Downton Abbey. It's a FABULOUS PBS Masterpiece Classic series set in England in the beginning of the 1900's. First season is on Netflix right now. Second season is happening on TV on Sunday nights. It'll suck you right in.

Yesterday was a little craft time with Mommy and the babies. Some VERY basic craft time. Mom cut out the "snowflakes" and helped the girls glue them to the paper. Then we colored and traced hands. They loved it!

Vivian got pretty bored with the whole thing after a while...which led to a little crayon eating every time Mommy's back was turned. Poor innocent crayons didn't stand a chance against a kid who's cutting three molars.

"Who, me?"

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  1. I love these pictures!!! :) Look at Vivi growing up... and Miriam holding her crayon!!