Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Day with Family

Aunt Kim, Tim's sister, is home this weekend from Phoenix. The whole family gathered for the day at Tim's parents' home. The cousins got to play together, color, make cookies...they had a blast!

Aunt Michelle holds two babies!

Pepa, the girls' great-grandpa

Viv in the hat Aunt Michelle played in as a little girl.
Papa, Tim's dad, had eye surgery the day before. His daughters thought he looked like one of the three blind mice.  He's with Roger, Tim's brother-in-law, who thinks the cameraman is pretty funny.


Miriam's 1st on-her-own iced cookie...she used a toothpick. Every bakers tool of choice.
Making cookies is fun and tasty!!

Aunts Kim and Michelle, Tim's sisters, got all dressed up for a 40th birthday party!
Nana even got Vivian to take a quiet moment for a quick cuddle.

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