Friday, February 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 8

We have someone in our life that a lot of you may not know about... It's Sarah's Little Sister Emery. Sarah and Emery have known each other since January 2008 and have seen each other through some pretty huge events. Sarah got married and had two babies. Emery changed schools five times and was adopted by a truly loving family. She's a wonderful, resilient, bright, and positive person. Even more, Miriam and Vivian just LOVE her. And Emery looks up to Tim as a role model of a good husband and father (which he is!). Thank you, Emery, for bringing us all so much joy.

If you're looking for a way to add some extra joy to your life, consider becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother. It's awesome.

When Sarah and Emery got together most recently, Emery's sister, Emma, came along. We made lasagna, one of Emery's favorite foods. 

Here we are wearing aprons.  Sarah, Miriam, Emery, Vivian, Emma

Love the way the big girls are looking at the babies

Why our girls really love Emery and Emma: more people to play Ring Around the Rosy with!

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  1. So adorable! Vivi's hair is getting long! She's really growing up. I can hardly wait to see them... about a month and a half!! :) Miss you. Love you.