Wednesday, February 22, 2012

" the king of the cha-cha-cha."

How Can You Dance? is a great book we happened to pick up after storytime at the library a couple weeks ago. Actually, it's probably been a month already! We've renewed it at least once...maybe twice. The girls both love it because it means we play together. Mom and Dad love it because it gets us all moving around even on days when it is yucky outside. The pictures are fun and Miriam knows most of the words already because the author chose such wonderful rhymes.

When these pictures were taken, Vivian was in bed already. Miriam loves to read library books after Vivian goes to bed. Mom and Dad all to herself on the couch. Practically perfect in every way.

"Dance like a frog, feeling fine and keeping cool"
"Dance like a fox when the dogs are near"
"Dance like a snake as it slithers to explore"
 After we'd danced to the end of the book, we did a little swinging. Just to make sure she was good and tired. Wish there was someway we could have captured that giggle in the picture for you all to hear, too.

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