Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Potty Training: Take 1

We decided to attempt to potty train Miriam. More of a test than anything. We've never done this before and just kinda have a feeling she could be ready. We're ready, anyways. That has to count for something. And she goes potty on the potty when we take the time to sit her there. So here goes nothing.

Step one: buy the big girl underpants in PURPLE. Miriam really has a thing for purple.

Step two: bring the potty into the kitchen for immediate access.

 Step three: use the potty.

Which she did. Over and over and over again. Mommy called Daddy to tell him what a great job Miriam was doing with the potty - making sure Miriam could over hear the conversation. Well that did a lot to boost her confidence. Plus, she loves to please her Mommy. So back she went to the potty. About 15 times in the next hour and a half. If Mommy wasn't rinsing out the potty cup, she was helping Miriam pull her pants back down to sit on the potty. But hey, she's pottying in the right place. Let's not fight it.

What goes in must come out. Day one was relatively successful! Just one accident. We don't have #2 down yet at all. Any tips with that???

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