Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Viviana Antics

That wasn't a typo in the title. Vivian goes by a lot of names: Vivian, Vivi, Viv, Mouse, Vivi-Mouse, Squirm Worm, Stinker Pot, Viviana...

She is a VERY busy child. We should be praying now that we can handle the teenage version of this energy. Here are a few pictures of what she's been up to the past few days.

This is our narrowest cupboard, where we store our baking sheets, our cutting boards, and...

....our Vivian. She loves to climb in here and hide from everyone. It's just the right size. Must feel pretty snug and safe. A sippy cup of milk and a cupboard hideaway makes for one content little Viv.

She carries her stool around the kitchen to keep on eye on Mommy's cooking. It's impressive how strong and well-balanced she is! If this girl is any kind of athlete, we know those genes didn't come from Mom.

Tonight she climbed into the drum that Santa brought and attempted to shut the lid. You're little, Vivi, but not that little. Perhaps she aspires to be a contortionist in the circus someday. YAY! Free circus tickets!

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