Monday, October 8, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 40

This weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to visit with Sarah's college friends and walk around Xavier. The girls got their first look at the campus where Mommy hopes they might end up one day! Though Daddy has other plans for them...

What was seven close friends in school is growing into quite an army. Even with one of the girls in Hawaii and unable to join us, we were up 6 men, 4 babies, and 2 more babies on the way! We're going to have to start taking out blocks of hotel rooms at discounted rates if we keep this up. It's so much fun to see everyone together and to catch up. It's even more fun to imagine all these kids running around together in just a few years!

Few of the pictures from the weekend...

At Xavier! Left to right: Amber, Miriam, Sarah, Vivian, Amanda, Kristin, Megan, Alexis, Avery

Amber and Sarah catching up (Both expecting babies!)

Baby Lukas and Peter, Megan's little family!

Miriam exploring Amanda's backyard

A little rest for Miriam

Baby Avery gets to know her Auntie Amber

Vivian loved the pumpkin patch!

Miriam wanted to pick out JUST the RIGHT pumpkin... Auntie Amber gave her a hand...

....while Vivian found something to climb on.
Back to the party with our perfect pumpkins

The girls try to convince Baby Avery to be their best friend

"What an awesome weekend!" says Vivian.

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