Friday, October 19, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 42

Fall can be a little bit sad. The leaves are beautiful, but everything is dying. Not many flowers left. Few warm days. Outdoor toys and furniture come in. The garden is done. And recently, lots of rain. However, this week we did have a nice day or two. We took the opportunity to look at the joy of fall by making a "Nature Collage"!

First, find some nature. 

Then, stick it to a piece of contact paper.

TA-DA! Nature Collage! Miriam really loved doing this. It was actually difficult to get a picture of her because she was so busy running as fast as she could around the yard. Vivian also enjoyed helping create our collage, but she got distracted by the sandbox. 

Couldn't resist this picture...everything still goes into that mouth!

 And then a sandbox nap?!?!


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