Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Out to Lunch

Yesterday Miriam asked if we we're "going out for lunch". Daddy's car is being worked on, he's got our transportation for a few days, therefore if we can't walk we're not going. So we played restaurant at lunch. Welcome to Mommy's Cafe. It's pretty posh (as Fancy Nancy would say.) We got your leftovers and your lunch meat.

The girls both poured over the menu trying to decide what to have. "I'll take the pizza and banana."

"Turkey. Banana."

And during the wait, while the chef prepared their meals, the girls colored the menu like they would at a "real" restaurant.

Gourmet! Well, the mushroom pizza doesn't look too appetizing, but she asked for thirds so it must have been delicious.

Miriam loved the whole experience! Smile and bit of pizza sauce to prove it.

Vivian ordered dessert. Her mother's child, no doubt.

Before supper Miriam asked, "Do we get to eat at Mommy's Cafe again?"

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  1. This is adorable :) And I'm totally saving this idea and putting it to use someday soon!