Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Little Men

This morning was chilly. Daddy made a cup of coffee and went to work. Mommy made a cup of tea and thought she might get to drink it while the girls did their "Pumpkin Week" activity. It was going to be a very entertaining activity, Mommy was sure. And she had a plan to keep the mess pretty contained. So this tea would be savored while Daddy's coffee was likely gulped quickly.

First, shaving cream in a pan with yellow and red food coloring. We got to talk about the color orange and we were going to have a hands-on sensory activity. Practically professionals around here. Go ahead, ladies, enjoy!

And they loved it, of course.

But Mommy must have forgotten who she was dealing with. A contained mess? Not likely. 

Finally, Mommy decided to move the mess, two little girls and the shaving cream, into the bathtub.

Where the real party began! Miriam sang, "I love saving cream. Shaving cream is so fun!"

And they painted the walls and each other...until their feet were so slick they couldn't stand anymore.

Luckily, they were easy to clean. But they still smell like men...and that tea was ice cold when Mommy got back to it.

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