Monday, November 5, 2012


Our little girls dressed up for Halloween this year as Purdue cheerleaders, making their Daddy very happy. We attended a Halloween party and Trick-or-Treated. It was VERY cold and Vivian didn't appreciate the weather at all. At one point she refused to continue walking if there wasn't a piece of candy between her lips. When Daddy suggested heading home, Miriam said, "Ok, Dad. You take Vivi home. I'll keep going." Clearly the candy was worth the miserably frozen fingers! 

A few pictures of the festivities! A donut eating hands allowed. First the kids.

Oops...caught with her hand on a donut!
 The girls were happy to finish theirs off the string.

Then the men took a turn. 

Tim, dressed and acting as Dwight from "The Office", won!

Family photo: Dwight, Dorothy, and two cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders before Trick-or-Treating. They were so excited to leave we could hardly get a picture of their faces.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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