Monday, November 19, 2012

52 weeks of Joy: Week 46

The girls are joyful because of their little friends...stuffed and imaginary. These pictures seem to capture how very real their buddies are. And how much joy they bring to Miriam and Vivian.

Miriam has lots of imaginary friends who live in our neighborhood and even siblings who live in the houses on some of our familiar drives (to the grocery, Grandma's house, church...). She also has made up places that she and her friends visit. Our favorite is Kanalas. It's a restaurant. So far we've gathered that they cook everything but specialize in breakfast and dessert. Which is a little funny because Miriam has never been a big breakfast eater and has been known to turn down dessert for more strawberries.

Vivian more consistently just loves her Puppy. Puppy should never be out of sight and is rarely out of mind. He's slept with Vivian for about a year and is being potty trained, too. He's been washed. But you'll recall that didn't go over very well. And he really should be thrown through another quick cycle soon, but we're just not sure we want that drama again.

So thanks to our friends who bring us joy.

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