Monday, November 26, 2012

What's a Panoola?

Miriam turned three yesterday! She doesn't look anything like a baby anymore! And she doesn't think like one either, apparently. Yesterday morning she had her cup of milk and a cuddle with her Daddy, like normal. Then asked to play a game on his phone...

Miriam: It's too quiet. Can you turn it up?
Daddy: No, it's loud enough.
Miriam: It's my birthday...
(Mommy and Daddy are pretty shocked by this statement and laugh a little.)
Miriam: It's the Panoola of my birthday.
Mommy: What's a Panoola?
Miriam: That means you do what I want on my birthday.

Oh boy. Well, that didn't exactly happen. But she did have a pretty wonderful day!

Rainbow cupcakes, inside and out, per her request.

 Very delicious!

Then opening gifts.

While Miriam was busy playing with her presents, Vivian snuck off with a new book. Grandma and Grandpa were happy to read with her.

Happy Birthday, Squeaker!

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