Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life on a Timer

Vivian is potty training. They don't call it training for nothing.

We're over a week into it. We've already had two accident free days! Today, however, wasn't one of them. Two steps forward, one step back, this potty training business. 

Vivian wants to be just like Miriam. In that light, sitting on the potty is a pretty wonderful thing. But really, for a girl who seems about impossible to disciple, who is always pushing, always toeing the line, Vivian has been remarkably easy to potty train.

There are certainly times when she's busy and just doesn't have time to stop and sit on the potty. But it's been long enough and it's time for a potty break. So she grudgingly sits. And off she goes until the timer beeps again. We're almost to the point where we can forget the timer. Almost. Still training.

In other news, Vivian's S's sounds like F's. Her last name is Feer. She eats with a Foon. And every time she went potty the first few days, she got a Fartie. That's a Smartie for the lay person.

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  1. Hilarious :) We are slowly dipping our toes into the potty training world, but not ready to take the plunge quite yet. More on my part than Lucy's..... :)