Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can You See Me Now?

About a month ago, our theme for the week was "Finding". We did lots of fun activities including a Nature Scavenger Hunt and played Hide and Seek. But the most exciting part of the week?

Magnifying glasses!

The girls thought they had become little scientists. They were out to discover!

Every little ant was followed. Plants inspected. Flower petals counted. Even the mulch was combed over.

Then we came upon an ever growing problem: a rabbit was trying to burrow and nest in our yard. Not good. Fun for little girls. Not fun for Mom and Dad. Luckily we happen to have the world's best neighbors. They took care of the hole and bunny while we were gone on vacation and the girls never missed it.

However, we were ALL surprised by our ever growing garden when we returned with its monster sized zucchini and crazy tall sunflowers.

Sherlock and Holmes were out the door to inspect the garden with their magnifying glasses the moment we returned home.

***We got the magnifying glasses on Amazon. They're Melissa and Doug brand and are holding up really well!

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