Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In honor of the Hot Air Balloon Festival last week, we had Balloon Week. A few highlights - Using this worksheet, we practiced our shapes. Mommy was pretty impressed with both girls' ability to do the activity independently (except for the cutting, that's something we need to work on eventually).

And they loved adding "clouds" to their hot air balloon scenes.

We also talked about the letter "Bb". Bonus: being allowed to use a highlighter!

Mommy filled balloons up with different materials and the girls had to guess what was inside. They LOVED these balloons...played with them for hours during the week.

The blue balloons had water, yellow was dirt, green was tiny alphabet pasta, and red...

...no, you can't hear the ocean in the red balloon. It's just flour. With no prompting, they started sorting their balloons and making patterns! 

Of course, balloon week wouldn't be compete without water balloons. The heat certainly called for it!

Finally, we made ice gems. Easy fun: few drops of food coloring (or a lot if you're like us) into a balloon. Fill with water and tie. Freeze for at least 24 hours. 

Peel the balloon off and enjoy! 

Both girls carried the ice gems around the yard like their babies. 

But in the heat, these babies didn't last long. Hope you were able to stay cool, too!

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