Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We get that a lot

So, we know this has been hashed out many times by many blogging parents. That's ok. We're always pretty happy to throw in our two cents about the strangeness of strangers. As the parents of young children, here is what we don't want to hear again.

1. Are they twins?
          NO. No. no. The big one. The one that's 5 inches taller than the littler one. She's older. Another clue: she doesn't put everything in her mouth anymore. This is the most forgivable because the two oldest do look alike especially when sitting next to each other in the cart at Kroger. What we actually say with a smile, "Nope. 11 months apart. Irish twins. So you're close!"

2. These days go by so quickly. Cherish them.
          Actually it is our prayer that some of these hours/days will go by quickly - some are just harder than others. And if you want to cherish them, we'll loan you our little cherubs for five minutes in a public place. How about, say, in line at an ice cream shop? Or trying to cross the street to get to the library? Or in Walmart with a cart full of groceries, ready to check out, when the two year old has to go potty? We love them, but parenting has it's moments. What we actually say is nothing. Just smile. With clenched teeth.

3. Just wait until they're teenagers.
          Yes, we are. We're waiting for the time we can have an actual conversation and we don't hear the word "why" 75 times. Said it before, saying it again - at least when they are teens they will be able to feed themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, avoid smearing the jalapenos in the garden all over their faces, etc. What we actually say, "Yup. We'll have three teenage girls in the house at once." Stating the obvious and walking away is effective.

4. When are you going to stop nursing?
          She's not even four months old. No one is counting the days more than Mommy. So can we get a little nursing support, peeps? What we actually say, "Oh, we'll start solids around six months."

5. Three? Wow. So...you're done having kids, then?
          SIGH. So much we'd like to say about this. To begin with isn't the question a little personal?!?! We have been shopping in the same store for a total of ten minutes and now you want to have a discussion that we reserve for our closest family and friends. Odd. Furthermore, is three children REALLY that many? Really? Really? Historically, no. Yes, we know as well as anyone how much work they are and how much money they "cost" and the sacrifices they require and all of that. But if God's giving out the gifts and trying to get us to heaven there are worse things He could hand out than children, no? Some people He gifted with martyrdom. We'll take the kids. What we actually say, "Well, we've always said at least five, but we'll just see." Then, before they pass out, more of the walking away.

Are we missing any?

Sorry...no pictures today, just rants. Thanks for listening.

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