Friday, July 12, 2013

Felicity: 3 Months

Felicity turned three months old on the 6th and had a check up at the doctor today.

24" and 12 lbs 12 oz. That's pretty much right at the 50th percentile. An average, healthy little baby. That's how we grow 'em around here. She's so alert and talkative that several ladies at the doctor's office guessed she was six months old! Most people who see her comment about how much she looks like her Daddy.

Her favorite things: cooing as her parents sing to her, being held in a standing position, eating, and sucking her thumb. Neither of her older sisters were thumb suckers, but we think it is adorable and we never have to worry about carrying a pacifier around. Plus, when it's time to sleep, Felicity generally just pops that thumb in her mouth and drifts off. No Sandman needed. She still spits up quite a bit. Her sisters love her (to the point that Felicity is a little afraid when they come around with their enthusiastic hugs and kisses). She hasn't been a great night sleeper the past few weeks, but with our vacation we kind of expected that. Hopefully she'll be back on track soon! The past few days she's been attempting to roll over and can go from her back to her side, but gets stuck there. Maybe we'll have that exciting development any day.

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