Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blessings in Small Bodies

Recently a blogger that Mommy and Daddy both like for her common sense mentioned that it might nice for parents to say all of the reasons we love our children and why we keep having kids (because it's not for the post-labor "celebration" meal at the hospital). Wouldn't it be nice to hear why they're a blessing, rather than wearily listing the crazy, funny, messy situations we endure only because our love for them is unconditional? And if it weren't unconditional...well it's just good that is it.

So in light of this, just three reasons, for now, why children are so good.

1) They make us laugh. All the time. All day long. Today Miriam showed off her robot voice to Grandma and Grandpa and we all giggled. Later, Vivian told Mommy, "You have a ball room with no balls." WHAT? Turns out it was a Frozen reference and she thought it would be a super joke. EVERY time Felicity sees a dog we know because she barks. Our baby barks back at dogs. Kids might be a little nuts, but they are funny.

2) Kid clothes are cute. Seriously adorable. And we've got all girls so the cuteness is to a factor of three times a billion.

3) We get to help mold good people who want to love God and use their lives to make our little corner of creation better. It's seems safe to say that we're not going to fix the world during our lifetime. But our children might or their children could or their children's children will have that opportunity. And as parents, it's a gift to be able to raise these beautiful people who can serve, who will use all their brains and brawn and passions to love people better.

This is what we call too many people trying to ride a tricycle.

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