Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blessings in Small Bodies (Part Two)

Three moments we wouldn't have been able to enjoy this week if we didn't have our wonderful girls:

1) Mommy took the girls to a local county fair. After checking out a sow (a grown female pig) taking a nap, Miriam looked at Viv and said, "Wow! Look at all that pig's bellybuttons!" Those aren't bellybuttons all over her abdomen, dearest. But we'll save that explanation for some other day.
2) We did a 5K as a family this weekend. All of the girls were really well behaved and Miriam actually ran more than a mile of it! She was tired at the end and her legs "hurt when I bend my knees" for a couple days. Vivian has short little legs so her run looks more like a skip. Or maybe that's just how she moves. Skipping and tripping through it all. Felicity literally had her feet propped up in the stroller. One volunteer looked at her and said, "Yeah, that's how I do my 5K's, too." Anyways we got to work on our fitness and be parents who set a good example for our children and squeeze in some QT with the girls.
3) Having children lets us be innocent. If we slow down a little, and children make us slow down a lot, we get to appreciate. We get to notice the bees laboring away on the sunflowers, we get to not talk politics or worry about the headlines, we get to consider big questions like "Is Jesus here right now?" in the simplest terms. Vivian had a bad dream one night this week. Mommy came to her room and said a prayer with her and she was immediately at peace. Her trust is simple and an example her parents should follow.

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