Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Princess and the pea

We planted one little envelope of peas in our garden this summer. We've picked enough to eat them for two meals so far! Fresh from the garden, they're delicious. Sometimes the girls help Mommy shell the peas. As they help, they eat most of what's in the pods. And the pea plants are getting pretty trampled because all three of them like to wander in the garden on a daily basis looking for something new to pluck.

Tonight we had peas for supper. Mema, Tim's grandma, joined us. Tim grilled brats. It was a good meal. As Mema reminded us of her adventures as a cadet's wife during World War II, Mommy noticed Vivian digging in her nose. Really, really digging. Mommy asked what was the matter and Vivian said, desperate tears coming to her eyes, "There's a pea stuck in my nose!"

Tim made a joke about just wanting to finish his dinner before going to the ER. Mommy tried to get Vivian to blow the pea out. But it wouldn't budge. Daddy found a flashlight and we could see the pea. It hadn't gotten far but it was in there. 

A few more blows and still nothing.

Dr. Daddy got to work. Nurse Mommy held the flashlight, while Dr. Daddy carefully attempted extraction with tweezers. It didn't hurt, but it was clearly not comfortable for Vivian. She held as still as possible, followed every instruction she was given, and Daddy carefully pulled out a pretty large pea.

Mema exclaimed, "My little prayer worked!"
Tim was so proud! "Text my sisters and my mom," he said. "Tell them, 'No ER visit required!'" Because when Tim was three like Viv, he stuffed a peanut up his nostril. And had to go to the hospital to get it out.

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