Saturday, August 16, 2014

And the hits just keep comin'

We haven't been posting much because we haven't been doing anything too exciting. So to catch you up on the everyday, we present a pile of pictures. Because that's our specialty.

We've been at the pool often. Last weekend, we got to swim with Tim's sister's family. And play with them at Cracker Barrel. We probably will need some rocking chairs and checkers on the new front porch, right?
Vivian got a black eye from a fall in the landscaping. It hurt A LOT, poor girl. 
Strawberry Shortcake bandages made it all better. (Thanks, Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom!)
She's young. It'll heal quickly and isn't slowing her down a bit. Back in the saddle again.
Miriam's "weather" picture was published in the weather section (of course) of the daily paper. It's her "holding an umbrella over all the little kids." (Yup.) She's so proud of her artwork!
She, too, got a little banged up this week. She'll make it.
It was T Week. All really good stuff, but the favorite was the felt turtle. This took some prep work on Mommy's part, but the girls were so excited to make their own stuffed animals.
We had a little New House Outing today. Current flooring picks:
On the left is tile for the bathroom; on the right, basically the entire first floor. Carpet in the bedrooms upstairs. Use your imagination on that...just not too much because it'll be neutral. None of the bright purple or orange shag we grew up with.
Between stops we lunched at a new Mexican place in town. It was very good but they don't serve alcohol and only play Christian music. Except in the kitchen. Which we were sitting close to - got to hear Christian anthems with a side of top 40 hits. Burrito was good but would have been REALLY good with a salty margarita. Back to the story. Felicity got to eat in public without a shirt on because she was wearing white, we didn't have a bib, and Mommy wasn't about to take on salsa stains. Felicity likes salsa - tries it eat it by the handful. Actually all three girls love it. Vivian drank it with her straw...
Then off to Home Depot to browse lighting and countertop options. After 45 minutes of that fun, all three girls were barely keeping it together and we gave up for the day.
And see! Vivian's eye looks much better!

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