Saturday, August 9, 2014

Choosing and Serving

What we've been doing with most of our time: splashing in the water and eating popsicles. It's a healthy lifestyle.
Away from the pool, however, Mommy and Daddy have begun wading through the ocean of choices that have to be made when building a home. We won't break ground until October, but to avoid going crazy-over-budget (because EVERYONE says it WILL happen) we're trying to make as many decisions pre-crunch time as we can. It's really fun! We generally agree on the style we're going for - Craftsman, clean lines, simple, bright...but as great as the process is, it is also so overwhelming. An incredible variety of options in cabinetry alone. What kind of wood? Stained or painted? Half inch overlay or full overlay? Furniture feet? Drawer placement? Hardware style? Hardware color? Glass in cabinet fronts? Type of glass? Island the same color or contrasting? That's just a few of the questions for CABINETS. And we're decisive people! We know what we like and have been pinning our favorite things for over a year for this home yet we're still tired at the end of a day meeting with vendors and doing thumbs up and thumbs down. How do people who don't like making decisions do this?

Do you wanna see something fun? The outside of our house will be Bayou. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's a bright, navy blue. Sarah was hoping for a shade closer to teal. Tim wasn't going for it. This seemed like a reasonable compromise. We're excited and will keep you updated on more choices as we finalize them.
This weekend we also got to do a service project with our church group, Couples with Kids. There were over 40 members participating in the United Way's Day of Caring. We got SO MUCH done for a local non-profit that has a food and clothing bank, as well as emergency assistance for families in need. It is beyond rewarding to give back to our community, and even more, we love showing our girls that serving is why we're here. We had little kids planting flowers and pulling weeds. We had grown men spreading gravel. And there were projects for every age in-between. We're so proud of our friends and children who worked so hard to show how much we care and to make the lives of the staff at Shelter Ministries a little easier!
God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

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