Sunday, March 29, 2015


We don't know what that word actually means...but it's something good because we heard it several hundred times this weekend in Canada at Uncle Tom's ordination to the deaconate in the Ukrainian Catholic Church. We did a quick trip this time - gone for less than 48 hours! But it was still great to see Annette and Tom and Annette's little baby belly. She's already 18 weeks!
Claire, Sarah's cousin, and John, Sarah's brother, made the trip with us...they kind of knew what to expect because they babysit for the girls during the week when Sarah is at the office or United Way working. They held up PRETTY well despite all of Vivian's attempts to make sure John DID NOT sleep the entire way to Toronto by kicking the back of his head. And Felicity would only eat food from Claire's plate, even though she had the same options on her own plate. Troopers.
The hotel was nice - the indoor pool really helped wear them (AKA ALL of us) out - but didn't have complementary breakfast...who does that? It's a convenience we took for granted and won't overlook in the future. So we made a trip to Panera in our pajamas first thing in the morning. We were the first customers in the door so our scrubiness wasn't soooo horrible. However, the staff put our orders in to-go bags probably hoping we weren't staying. But then we did and had to go back to the counter five times to get all the silverware and plates they didn't give us the first go round so that we could actually eat.
Then it was off to Divine Liturgy and the deaconate ordination...2 hours long and the girls did pretty well. By the end it was getting bleak, but we made it through without screaming or having to take anyone out of church. This is a new, very sought after milestone for us. There was a huge bribe on the line: a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. They've never been and don't really know what this bribe means but it may have a had something to do with it.
We made a stop at IKEA before leaving town. Felicity lost it by the end of the store and it was so long Great White North.
Please thaw out before we come back. And many prayers for Tom as he begins his new ministry!

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